Current Monthly Events


May Calendar  2017

Contemporary Book Club
May 4,               10:00 am                                                      
Program:  "Killing Patton" by Bill O'Reilly

​New Horizons                        RSVP for lunch
May 6                         11:00
Programs: The Dctor's Daughter with AuthorBelle Blackburn

May 9              6:00 pm           
Program: "On Happiness" by Aristotle

Garden Department             RSVP for Lunch
May 10           11:00 am     
Program: David Cook, Davidson Extension Agent

ClubCabana                      RSVP by Noon May 11
May 13             6:00 pm    

Game Night
May 16,           6:00 pm    (no dinner)

Great Books                           RSVP for lunch
May 17           10:00 am
Program: The Apology by Plato led by Mary Driscoll

Education and Personal Enrichment               RSVP for lunch
May 19                   11:00
Program: Casa Azafran with Kara Beth Holder, DIrector of Communications

Potpourri Department          RSVP for Lunch
May 23                  11:00
Program: Update on Belmont Mansion with Mark Brown

June Calendar  2017

Open House
June 4                 2:00 pm

Garden Department      RSVP for lunch
June 14                     11:00 am
Program: Pollinators and Why They are So Important with Caroll Marero, Master Garden  

Summer Slam                        RSVP 
June 17                    10:00 am

Game Night                No Dinner
June  20   6:00 pm

Great Books/Club Luncheon       RSVP for lunch
June 21                  10:00 am
Program: "Heart of Darkness" by Norma DeJarnette

Potpourri Dept.         RSVP for lunch
June 27                      11:00 am
Program: Antique Appraisals with Susan Sinclair

                                                                              July Calendar 2017

Club Closed          July 4

Game Night                       No Dinner
July 16                                 6:00 pm

                                                                              August Calendar 2017

Club Closed       July 31-August 12